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Würth Grupi 2016 tulemused olid rekordilised


2016 aastal tegi Würth Grupp müügirekordi, kogukäive oli 11,8 miljardit eurot.

Würth Grupi kogukäive aastal 2016 a. oli 11,8 miljardit eurot, kasv võrreldes eelmise aastaga 7,1 protsenti. Grupi kasum oli 615 miljonit eurot, kasv võrreldes aastaga 2015 oli 17,1 protsenti. Kõige suurema käibega riik on endiselt Saksamaa, käibega 5,1 miljardit eurot, kasvuga 6 protsenti. Töötajate arve ületas esmakordselt 70000 piiri, kokku oli töötajaid 2016 aasta lõpuga 71391. Loe pikemalt inglisekeelsest pressiteatest.


Sales record and double-digit increase in operating result:
The Würth Group presents its 2016 financial statement
Künzelsau/Schwäbisch Hall. With sales in the amount of EUR 11.8 billion,
the Würth Group set a new sales record in 2016. The market leader in
fastening and assembly material reported double-digit growth with a 17.1
percent increase in its operating result.

• Sales grow by 7.1 percent
• Operating result increases by 17.1 percent to EUR 615
• E-business sales rise by 18.3 percent

Multi-channel strategy proves effective
In the 2016 fiscal year, the Würth Group set a new sales record of EUR
11.8 billion (previous year: EUR 11.0 billion), corresponding to 7.1
percent growth. Adjusted for exchange rate effects, growth came out to
7.9 percent. This development clearly demonstrates that the company’s
focus on multiple sales channels is bearing fruit, proving just as successful
in the field of e-business as with the expansion of our branch office network
and sales force. “Multi-channel sales allow us to increase our sales volume
per customer considerably. With 1,700 branch offices, 32,000 sales
representatives and a wide array of e-business activities – we are growing
at roughly 20 percent in this area – the Würth Group is able to maintain a
very competitive position on the market,” emphasizes Robert Friedmann,
Chairman of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group.

Operating result achieves double-digit growth
In 2016, the Group reported the second-highest operating result in the
history of the company: EUR 615 million in sales (2015: EUR 525 million).
This represents an increase on the previous year of 17.1 percent. “In
Southern Europe, our earning power has increased significantly. Even the
individual companies such as the parent company Adolf Würth GmbH &
Co. KG, Würth Finland, Würth Industrie Service and Würth Elektronik
eiSos reported outstanding improvements in earnings. Furthermore, we
were able to increase our productivity while at the same time reducing
costs,” explained Friedmann as the reason for the substantial increase.

Germany continues to be the most important market
In 2016, the Group’s largest and most important single market, Germany,
achieved 6.0 percent sales growth to achieve a satisfactory sales volume
of EUR 5.1 billion. Growth abroad came out to 8.0 percent. The
development in Eastern and Southern Europe is especially pleasing. Sales
in Southern Europe have increased steadily since 2014, rising by 9.3
percent in 2016. Eastern Europe reported the strongest sales growth within
the Group with a 25.8 percent increase on the previous year.

For the first time ever, the number of employees exceeded the 70,000
mark. The number of total employees increased by 2,413 to 71,391 in
2016. The number of employees in Germany rose by 552 to 21,697. In
2017, the Group is planning to hire 1,500 new sales representatives in
addition to 60 new employees in the field of e-business in order to
concentrate its efforts in this area.

E-business booms
Digitalization prevails when customers discover a benefit for themselves
and are able to influence costs in a positive way. In light of this, Würth is
focusing on expanding and improving all of its digital services and
activities, including: ordering platforms such as the classic online shop or
the Würth App, as well as the option of using e-procurement to optimize
customers’ processes, or automated warehouse management (Kanban or
Orsymat). The significant jump in growth of 18.3 percent compared with
the previous year is evidence of the fact that this concept is a viable
complement to the classic sales force and the brick-and-mortar business.
Ebusiness accounts for 14 percent of the Group’s total sales volume.

Continued financial stability
In the 2016 fiscal year, the Würth Group's equity rose to EUR 4,470
million (2015: EUR 4,083 million). This represents a EUR 387 million
increase. Thus, the equity ratio amounted to 46.1 percent at the end of the
year (2015: 44.3 percent). The rating agency Standard & Poor’s once
again confirmed the Würth Group’s “A/outlook stable” rating in 2016. At
EUR 903 million, the operative cash flow was up considerably on the
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previous year (2015: EUR 630 million). As per 31 December 2016, the
Würth Group reported liquid funds in the amount of EUR 874 million
(2015: EUR 616 million).

Capital expenditure
With EUR 481 million, the Würth Group invested slightly less in 2016 than
in the previous year (2015: EUR 525 million). The investments were
geared towards the expansion of the IT infrastructure and warehouse
capacities for our distribution companies, with a focus on production
facilities, technical equipment and machinery for our manufacturing
In April 2015, Arnold Umformtechnik, a specialist for screws and fastening
technology located in Dörzbach, invested EUR 37 million to lay the
foundation for three further production facilities fully equipped with the
latest machinery. The grand opening took place on 09 June 2016. In June
2016, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG inaugurated a new branch office
and office building at its corporate headquarters in Künzelsau-Gaisbach –
representing an investment volume of EUR 28.5 million. Würth Industrie
Service in Bad Mergentheim is currently expanding its logistics capacities:
One of the most sophisticated logistics centers for industrial supplies in
Europe will be inaugurated on 16 May 2017.
The company is particularly excited about the inauguration of the new
Carmen Würth Forum on 18 July 2017, in celebration of the 80th birthday
of Carmen Würth, the wife of Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth. This
exclusive convention center was designed by the firm David Chipperfield
Architects in Berlin. The multifunctional building, measuring a total of
approx. 11,000 square meters, will contain an event hall that can be
divided into several rooms, the Great Hall with room for more than 2,000
visitors, and the Reinhold Würth Hall, a chamber music hall large enough
for 600 people. In addition, it will feature a foyer and a terrace for gettogethers and evening events.
The park in front of the forum offers enough
space to host up to 10,000 guests. Carmen Würth Forum can be used for
all sorts of events organized by the Würth Group or can be hired out to
third parties.


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